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domingo, março 07, 2021

Oiii meus amooores! ♥

Tudo bem com vocês? Eu espero que esteja tudo uma maravilha. 

Today, the online store of incredible clothes, invited me to present some news. Meet now, Berrylook. A store full of cheap and beautiful clothes that will be perfect for any occasion. Looking forward to the meeting?

To start with, I like to present some simpler items and at the same time I know that there are chances that they will be the favorite items for some of you. For example, simpler blouses that enhance a look with jeans and sneakers. 

This goes from the most sporty and comfortable style, to something even more chic, it will depend on what you decide to buy. But, it is always good to remember that cheap clothes for women are never missing from the store! Let's check the first options? Look now!

Berrylook cheap clothes for women
Image: Amanda Silva (@batomdamanda)

  1. Casual Star Print Crinkle Rayon Camisole
  2. V Neck Lace Sleeve Casual Blouse
  3. V-Neck Striped Long Sleeve Long Sleeve T-Shirts

There are three beautiful options, but they will be fine with you. A simple blouse with a star print and is the face of summer! Surely you will not be hot with this blouse. 

As for the second, I say that it is a more common blouse to go to work, because it is more closed and at the same time full of beautiful details, which make all the difference. And lastly, a striped blouse to go with several jeans in your wardrobe. What you liked the most?

Now, if you love cheap maxi dresses I bet you will love the ones I am going to show you now. There are three more beautiful models, incredible, stylish, comfortable ... Just words clothes for these dresses.

I separated models that I am absolutely sure that you will like, after all, you like bright colors in the right measure. And these items are perfect for special occasions and parties.

Berrylook cheap maxi dresses
Image: Amanda Silva (@batomdamanda)

  1. V-Neck Plain Maxi Dress
  2. Long Sleeve Shirt Dress
  3. Round Neck Patch Pocket Plain Maxi Dress

The first model is a beautiful emerald green dress that is perfect for parties like birthdays, graduations and important dinners. I found it extremely chic and beautiful. 

The second, on the other hand, is a dress that could be used on a daily basis in a more stripped-down way, combining more with the sporty style, which values comfort. And the last one is also perfect for graduations! Maybe going to church would be perfect too, his fit looks amazing!

Did you like the post? Look Berrylook site nowDon't forget to share on social media and with your friends. It will always be in fashion with the most affordable prices. 

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