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segunda-feira, janeiro 09, 2023

 Oiii meus amores!♥

Tudo bem com vocês? Eu espero que esteja tudo uma maravilha. 

The online store Popilush invited me to present to you options for shapewear, loungewear and more items that will transform your self-esteem! In addition to being items that will help you not to leave your underwear marking your clothes, a shaping belt will shape your body and bring all the confidence you might need. Are you ready to find out more? Come on.

For starters, there is a lot of variety of products to shape the body. But today, I'm just going to show you shapewear maxi dress. The first choice is Soft Modal Loungewear 8 in 1 Built-In Shapewear Maxi Dress that are sure to be a radical change in your self-esteem. A piece that covers the entire torso and makes you feel with a guitar body. 

Look that: 

Poplish shapewear and loungewear

We look at this model and think "my god, it's going to be difficult to go to the bathroom in these clothes". But actually it won't be! Popilush thought of all the details and created a piece that is easier to take off and put on. Incredible and so comfortoble to all the women!

For the other option, I separated this beautiful shaping bodysuits that works very well for you to train, as well as to shape your body in very tight clothes. Incredible! I think this is one of the most versatile pieces in the entire store.

popilush shaping bodysuits

And the third, it's an amazing  but matches with EVERYTHING inside your closet! What is your favorite?

And they also have amazing short sleeve thong bodysuit in the online store. I see a lot of options, but I decided to share just three. I think that everyone is gonna love it! A lot of models that can be used all the time, because it is comfortable. Let's check it out?

popilush short sleeve thong bodysuit

In addition, it is important to choose something that is backless shapewear, to promote more comfort, beauty and a lot of confidence! What do you think? I love having lots of ideas on how to use the same piece.

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