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quinta-feira, julho 08, 2021

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The online store for clothes for babies and children, Popopie Shop invited me to present some super cute pieces at a very affordable price. It has been around since 2015 and since then it has brought a lot of beauty and comfort to the clothes of new moms, babies and dads.

The store's mission is: Popopieshop prides itself on offering trendy styles geared towards Moms & Kids Cute, Stylish, Quality Products, Popopieshop adheres to the concept that "Moms & Kids can enjoy the beauty of fashion." for mom and kids. We've created a destination for moms and kids to find family clothes, baby and toddler clothes, shoes, accessories and more.

So, I've separated six wonderful pieces for you to take a look at. The first three are cute baby clothes that will make babies extremely cute and comfortable. What's more, they are very affordable baby clothes. Check out:

Cute baby clothes
Photo: Amanda Silva (@batomdamanda)

  1. Cute Cartoon Unicorn Print Round Neck Short Sleeve Romper
  2. Girls Sweet Sleeveless Crew Neck Lace Bow Mesh Dress - 33101
  3. Cute Bow Round Neck Short Sleeve Pink Romper

Wonderful dresses, right. I confess that the green dress was my favorite! The bodies are also wonderful, super cute, a beautiful baby pink and match all the clothes.

For the other three options, I got super cute and very affordable dresses. Definitely the best cheap baby clothes on Popopie. These clothes are so beautiful that I want to buy them all and look like I don't even have a child haha! Check out some of the most beautiful models I found on the site, when accessing you will see thousands of other wonderful dresses. 

The best cheap toddler popopie
Photo: Amanda Silva (@batomdamanda)

  1. Sweet Lace Collar Long Sleeve Velvet Dress
  2. Sweet Polka Dot Puff Sleeve Dress
  3. Girls Sweet Rabbit Embroidered Color Striped Lapel Short Sleeve Dress

Hey guys! What did you think of the choices? What was your favorite? Tell me here in the comments. Popopie delivers worldwide and daily has many promotions. Enjoy! 

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Children Clothes

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